champion of tiger jim corbett
December 15, 2021


By Aastha Sajwan

You must have heard the name of Jim Corbett National Park, but the biggest name behind this park is James Edward Jim Corbett, who hunted dozens of man-eating tigers and leopards. Jim Corbett was born on 25th July 1875, in Nainital. At a very young age, Jim became fond of the forests and wildlife around his home. He used to identify most animals and birds by their sounds and calls. As the time passed, Jim because a perfect hunter and tracker.

Jim Corbett kill tiger

Buy Phentermine Yellow Capsules He held the rank of Colonel in the British Army and also worked as a railway and shipping contractor in various parts of India, but his heart was always attached to the wildlife and forests. He was often called upon to kill man-eating tigers in the then British government of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh.

At that time there was terror in Garhwal and Kumaun, and Jim is credited for ending it. He hunted a total of 33 man eaters, which consisted of 19 tigers and 14 leopards. One of these was the Champawat Tiger who was considered responsible for 436 recorded deaths and th e Panar Leopard who was thought to have killed 400 people. Jim analysed the skulls and carcasses of these man eaters and concluded that most of them had an illness and wound which converted the animal into a man eater.

Phentermine 15Mg Capsules Buy The wound that has caused a particular tiger to take to man-eating might be the result of a carelessly fired shot and failure to follow up and recover the wounded animal, or be the result of the tiger having lost his temper when killing a porcupine.

Jim Corbett National Park tiger Corbett’s interaction with the wildlife, generated a sense of respect for the animal world in him. He never killed any animal that was not a man eater, he also believed that it was the stress of circumstances that turned an animal into a man eaters. He highlighted the fact that human beings played an important role in the creation of man eaters.

Jim Corbett was also an excellent writer and wrote six books including the “Man-eaters of Kumaon”, “My India” and Buy Phentermine Cheapest “Jungle Lore”.

Tiger hunter Jim Corbett

Buy Phentermine 37.5 Mg Capsules Jim Corbett moved to Kenya and died there on 19 April 1955, having lived a life full of accomplishments. How To Buy Phentermine His encounter with the nature, left him with deep love and sympathy for wild animals, especially tigers and big cats. His experience with these wild animals turned him into a conservationist and a legend, who is still remembered in India with fond respect for his work.