Accommodation, Food , Transportation, Utilities, Lifestyle cost in dehradun
December 13, 2021


By Aastha Sajwan

Buy Phentermine 15 Mg Capsules Dehradun is a small town in the state of Uttarakhand. The living cost in Dehradun is comparatively less expensive than most of the cities of India, because of the simple lifestyles of people.

1. Accommodation cost

Accommodation, Food, Transportation, Utilities, Lifestyle cost in Dehradun Just like all other places, the cost of accommodation varies depending upon the locality and the proximity of the main marketplace. A 1bhk can cost you around ₹6000-₹8000, whereas for a 2bhk and 3bhk you’ll have to pay ₹10000-₹15000 and ₹15000-₹18000, respectively. It’s better to rent a place if you are in the town for some time, otherwise if you are planning to shift permanently to Dehradun then buying a land or house will be a better option. Since the property will be an asset to you.

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2. Food Cost

Food cost in Dehradun

If you are one of those who relish home cooked food, then the groceries for one person will cost you around ₹6000-₹8000, depending on what to love to eat and the quality of food you prefer. Dehradun is known for its wide variety of food that is available at very reasonable price. A meal in a low-price restaurant will cost you somewhere between ₹100 to ₹250. In a mid-range restaurant, a meal for one can cost around ₹300-₹600 and, in a fine- dining restaurant, a meal for a single person can cost you ₹1000–₹1800. No matter where you eat or what you eat, the food in Dehradun will surely win your heart.

3. Transportation cost

Transportation cost in Dehradun Transportation is one of the main factors that are taken into consideration when calculating the living cost. Every day one has to travel from home to workplace and there are wide range of options available for transportation in Dehradun. The cost of travelling through public transport can cost you around ₹900-₹1200 per month. Whereas, the cost of travelling through personal vehicle, depends upon the type of vehicle you own and the fuel prices.

4. Cost of Utilities

Even if you have managed to find a perfect house, but there are still some expenses you have to bear, in order to live your live smoothly. The average cost of utilities in Dehradun will be ₹1600-₹2500,which includes your water bills, electricity bills, cooling, garbage and cost of hiring a cook or house-help.

5. Lifestyle cost

Cost of living in Dehradun

The lifestyle cost in Dehradun depends upon where and how you like spending your leisure time. The average lifestyle cost in Dehradun is ₹2000-₹3500 per month.