Foxtail millet
December 29, 2021


By pahadiconnect

Buy Genuine Phentermine Online Local Name: Foxtail Millet Scientific Name: Setaria italica L. Family: Poaceoe
Native: China
Elevation: up to 2,000 m

Specific Value

The foxtail millet flour has a low glycaemic index (GI) of 50.8 as compared to 68 of refined wheat flour.


Foxtail Millet is an important underutilized millet, grown in Uttarakhand with finger millet during kharif season.

It grows well in adverse agro climatic conditions and mostly used as cattle feed.

No Prescription Phentermine Overnight It is a good source of dietary fiber and B- carotene.

It is also cultivated on bunds of traces for management of soil erosion.

In China, foxtail millet is the most commonly used millet and one of the main food crops. In Rayalaseema & Telangana areas, it is cooked like rice, and it is recognized healthier than rice. It improves bio-availability of minerals such as iron and also helps in protein digestibility.

The grains are processed (dehusking and polishing) before they reach the market, to make them edible and suitable for human consumption. Consumption of whole grains is associated with reduced risk of chronic diseases.

It contains 55% of natural detergent insoluble fibers (NDIF) which are comparatively higher than other millets. Foxtail millet is credited with diuretic, astringent and emollient properties.

Order Phentermine From India Most of the phytochemicals such as polyphenols and flavonoids are found in foxtail millet.

Methanolic extract showed high antioxidant activity, followed by aqueous and ethanolic extracts.


Industrial Uses Used for preparation of biscuits, bread and other food products.

Nutritional Profile (per 100 g)

Buy Phentermine 15 Mg Online Energy- 351 kcal.
Moisture- 8.25%
Ash- 0.79%
Starch- 57.57 mg/g
Carbohydrates- 67.68 mg/g
Protein- 13.81%
Fat- 4.0%
Glucose- 70.67 mg/g
Fibre- 35.2%
Threonine- 328 mg
Valine- 728 mg
Isoleucine- 803 mg
Leucine- 1764 mg Phenylalanine- 708 mg
Methionine- 296 mg
Lysine- 233 mg
Tryptophan- 103 mg
Niacin- 3.2 mg
Calcium- 3.0 mg Phosphorus- 3.0 mg
Iron- 2.8 mg
Thiamine- 0.6 mg
Riboflavin- 0.1 mg

Phytochemical Profile Alkaloids, phenolics, flavonoids, tannins and terpenoids.