Linguda (Fiddlehead Fern)
January 3, 2022

Linguda (Fiddlehead Fern)

By pahadiconnect

Local Name: Lingra Cheap Phentermine Next Day Delivery Scientific Name: Diplazium esculentum Phentermine Can You Buy Online Family: Athyriaceae Elevation: 1,900-2,900msl
Origin: Asia

Specific Importance It has alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), which serves as a positive control for bacteria like E. coli, S. arizonae, S. typhi and Staphylococus aureus,

Ethnobotanical Importance The leaf is traditionally used for treatment of headaches, pain, fever, wounds, dysentery, diarrhea and various skin infections The plant has laxative, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anthelmintic, antimicrobial and cytotoxic activities

The plant contains steroids, triterpenoids, phenols, flavones, flavonoids and alpha- tocopherol It is used to prepare general health tonic &has remedial properties against constipation
Linguda (Fiddlehead Fern)

Medicinal Uses

It is used for the treatment of epilepsy, urinary diseases, rheumatism, leprosy constipation, malaria and Jaundice.

Nutrients and Minerals Moisture %
Ash %
Protein %
Fiber %
Carbohydrate %
Food Value kcal/100g
Vitamin C mg/100g
Sodium mg/100g
Calcium mg/100g
Magnesium mg/100g
Potassium mg/100g
Iron mg/100g
Zinc mg/100g
Copper mg/100g

Phytoconstituents It contains alkaloids, anthraquinones, anthranol glycosides, cyanidins, phenols saponins, leuco- anthocyanins, phytosterols, diterpenes and triterpenes.