Common Nettle
January 4, 2022


By pahadiconnect

Cheap Phentermine Diet Pills Local Name: Common Nettle (कंडाली/सिसौण)
Scientific Name: Urtica dioica L.
Family: Urticaceae
Native: Asia
Elevation: up to 2,000 m

Specific Value

The plant has been used as a commercial source of chlorophyll and the young shoot are rich in carotene and vitamin.


Buy Phentermine United States Urtica dioica (Stinging nettle) is not cultivated commercially, however it grows naturally in moist places along with pathway. Traditionally, its apical portion is used as green vegetable and has medicinal value.

Stinging nettle is a common herb, and its stem and leaves are densely covered with hairs that inflict pain. It is rich in vitamins A & C, iron, potassium, manganese and calcium. It is eaten as a curry, soup and vegetable. Nettle fibres are used for the production of textiles in Uttarakhand. Sixteen free amino acid have been found in leaves, carotenoids such as beta-carotene, luteoxenthin and lutein epoxide are also found in nettle. The herb has been used in the traditional medicine internally (as tea or fresh leaves) for treatment of disorders of the kidneys, urinary tract, gastrointestinal tract, locomotor system, skin, cardiovascular system, haemorrhage, influenza, rheumatism and gout. Also used in folk medicine for treatment of arthritis, rheumatism, muscular paralysis. More than 100 chemical components have been identified in the hairs roots, leaves and rhizomes of nettle. Amines such as acetylcholine 5 hydroxytriptamine (serotonin) and histamine are found in the stinging hair Adrenaline and noradrenaline are in the chloroplasts of leaves. Carboxylic acids such as formic acid, acetic acid, butyric acid, carbonic acid, tartaric acid, salicylic acid, cinnamic acid
and other aromatic fatty acids are found in small quantities in the hairs. Nettles contain antihistamines, which act against the body’s natural response to produce nasal congestion and watery eye in response to pollen and other allergens. It has excellent health enhancing functional properties as compared to conventional grains. As compared to barley and wheat, it has much higher level of tannin content, total polyphenol, carotenoids and lower calorific value.

Industrial Uses

Phentermine Sale Online Used as green vegetable and preparation of biodynamic preprations.

Nutritional Profile (per 100 g)

Cheap Real Phentermine For Sale Energy 341 kcal
Moisture 84.5 %
Ash 18.9 %
Protein 28.5 g
Fat 5.2 g
Carbohydrates 47.4 g
Crude Fibre 13.2 %
Sodium 10.3 mg
Potassium 917.2 mg
Calcium 113.2 mg
Iron 8.1 mg
Copper 0.67 mg
Zinc 2.32 mg
Magnesium 0.22 mg
Vitamins 7.0 mg

Phytochemical Profile Gallic acid, carotenoid, tannin, phenolic compounds, sterols, steryl glycoside, beta sitosterol, lignans (secolsolariciresinol), phenyl propanes, Polyphenols, polysaccharides, tannins and Coumadin scopolamine. CLICK HERE TO ORDER NETTLE TEA ONLINE